your personality category:



your brand is:

Glamorous, charming, and high-end.

What your clients feel

Your audience trusts you and your offers. You're aiming for clients who know their worth and they're ready to invest. You're experienced in what you do and you're going to provide the highest quality out there, no questions asked!


You are best at:

evoking a sense of exclusivity

Your serivces are not for everybody.
You cater to businesses who know exactly what they want and you know how to make them feel valued.

providing a great experience

You're giving your clients exactly what they want and expect. You provide a great customer experience and make sure all the needs are met!

You may struggle with:

connecting with the right audience

Because of your high offer and quality, your offers are not for everybody. It’s important to define your ideal clients first and speak directly to them.

being a perfectionist

Don’t take everything too seriously! Remember that not everything has to be “perfect” and everyone makes mistakes.

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  • designing your brand visuals.

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