Artboard 3-min

The brand + visual inspiration

Shana creates video and photo content for brands and entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs elevate their brand with confidence and killer content, so they can enjoy financial freedom and work from anywhere and have more time to spend doing what they love.

We focused on bright, clean, minimal and feminine including style based on teal color and shades of blue.

Project scope

  • brand identity
  • editable questionnaires design

"Dorota’s work is AMAZING. She really knows how to capture the essence of your brand. I truly feel like she captured my personality and put it into brand form - she brought my brand to life PERFECTLY. I could not have asked for a better designer.

She went above and beyond in making sure everything was just right, and the designs, concepts, logos, textures and colors were all SPOT ON. I am so incredibly happy with my final product! My branding that Dorota created translated beautifully to my website, across my social platforms, and has helped me create a more uniform experience in my brand across the board!

Working with Dorota was such a wonderful experience for me! She makes the entire process so easy - she tells you exactly what to expect up front, and takes care of you through the entire process. The whole thing is seamless and simple for you as the client - and she provides a wonderful customer experience that gets you SO excited about your brand.

I cannot recommend Dorota highly enough, - if you need someone to create something amazing for you that captures your vision to a tee - she is absolutely the right person for the job.

Thank you Dorota for my beautiful branding! It has truly helped me launch my business in the most impactful way."

~ Shana Y. | see Shana's website here